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First, contact us to submit your order (level, deadlines and requirements). By e-mail (contact@uniassist.org) or via the Form. Your work is immediately taken in charge by experts in your field. Our intervention is 100% unique and confidential.


Within 24 hours, we propose a tailored intervention (coaching, proofreading, writing, translating etc.) with a clear work plan and a quotation according to your budget.


Our experts work carefully. For all written document, you receive a copy for validation before payment.


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We remain at your disposal in After Sales Service during at least 3 months free of charge.

About Us

UniAssist is a branch of the international network DigitalStaff Group, based in US, UK and Switzerland, providing assistance in business management and scientific research.
UniAssist specifically deals with academic work.
Since 2012, UniAssist delivers Editing, Proofreding, Writing and Translating services around the world. We deals with any type of writing or scientific work (Essays, Tutorials and Case studies, Projects, Reports, Investigations, Articles, Documents, Various Papers, Theses, Dissertations, Reading logs, Business documents, Legal texts etc.).
Being a student requires hard work and many writing days. Just imagine how much of your time you spend writing essays… and try hiring an expert to accomplish your papers instead. We always write your essay according to your university standards and your deadline. Save your time right now!

UniAssist is made up of a wide range of experts and professionals who help researchers (students, schools and laboratories) write in any scientific field. The service operates in all English-speaking areas. It is a premium support that covers all academic disciplines at all levels (Bachelor, Master’s and Ph.D.). More than 8 languages are used: French, English, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian…
UniAssist relies on a professional and dynamic team of specialists in all fields (Economics and Management, Finance, Marketing, Law, Social sciences, Letters, IT, International relations, Psychology, Sciences, Etc.). We function as a Network of Competence by offering high quality services at unique student prices. Thanks to new technologies, our network is deployed everywhere at any time.

Join us and experience the benefits of high quality at unbeatable prices!


 1. Satisfaction before payment

Uni-Assist is committed to your entire satisfaction. Documents are always validated by the client BEFORE payment. You have the opportunity to review the work and make sure your requirements are respected. We will always establish a friendly and confident environment. Our bet is that you come back to us, convinced by high quality services.

2.  Rigor, Ethics and Confidentiality

Uni-Assist is committed to strictly comply with your requirements. No plagiarism, no reproduction of previous work. Your work is completely original. Before, during and after our services, we rigorously preserve the intellectual reliability of your documents (loyalty, quotes, references author, copyright etc.) and most importantly, we respect confidentiality. We remain discreet and correct. Your confidence in us is priceless.

3.  Professionalism and competence

Uni-Assist makes sure of the competence of its team. Our expert writers and translators are carefully chosen and show high skills in their disciplines. We make sure to strictly comply with the requirements outlined by the client and deliver on time. These characteristics enable us to provide unparalleled high quality services at unbeatable prices. With Uni-Assist, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

4.  After Sales (VAS) 100% Free

Uni-Assist believes each work is unique. Hence we provide free VAS 3 to 6 months after delivery. We are therefore able to answer your questions and eventually revise the work. We are at your entire disposal. Please disturb us!


UniAssist is a multi disciplinary team made up of skilled professionals

  • Dr. F.M. Yom, Founder and Director of UniAssist, holds a PhD in Economics and Business Management (University of Geneva). He launched the UK Branch of CyberStaff in 2013. He was Assistant Professor (University of Geneva) during 5 years and participated in the supervision of more than one hundred scientific papers at all levels (Bachelor, Master and PhD). Mr. Yom worked for four years for a Swiss consulting and expertise firm. He also worked as Senior Executive and Project Manager for the City of Geneva (Department of Finance) and Consultant for UN. In UniAssist Mr. Yom intervenes in the following areas: Economics; Business management; Entrepreneurship; Computers & IT Management; Communication & Marketing ; Research methodology.
  • Dr. Jean-Michel Escola : He has 18 years of experience in academic and clinical research in the field of life sciences and several years of teaching experience. He holds a PhD in Biology and Immunology and a Master in Life Sciences and Earth (SVT). He offers: preparation PACES 1st year of Medicine. – Exam preparation and tutoring – Proofreading and corrections for Theses in Biology and Sciences

These founders work in connection with an exceptional network of international experts, including (non-exhaustive list) :
  • Dr. Alan De L’Harpe – PhD in Law and Social Sciences
  • Dr. Kathleen Z. Martins – PhD in Transport Engeeniering and Logistics
  • Andrea J. Southgate – MBA in Finance: portfolio management, risk management, financial analysis
  • Emma Jo Collins – Diploma in Management: finance, accounting, auditing.
  • Patricia Mercier – Diploma in Economics, specialized in project management
  • Jean-Paul Din - Diploma in Law and Public Administration
  • Yennifer Rosas – Diploma in Psychology and Education.
  • Nuria Viver – Diploma in Medical Science – Translator, Interpreter
  • Eddy Ella – Graduated in Economics and Mathematics
  • Carol N. Foe – Diploma in History of Art, Coaching methodology
  • Armand Messi – Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Project Management
  • Olga Neo – Graduated in Modern Letters
  • Alan F. Thompson – Diploma in Psychology and Human Resources Management
  • Lorena Dumitrache – Diploma in International Law – Translator, Interpreter
  • Naty Miya – Diploma in English Modern Letters – Translator, Interpreter
  • Verona Allen – Diploma in Finance : Economics and Econometrics – Investment
  • Edgar-Alain Dumontier - Diploma in Mathematics

Dozens of other experts (PhD, MBA, Master, Ing. ) regularly contribute in coaching, proofreading and writing.



I contact you out of curiosity and at the end i was satisfied thanks!
I stumbled upon one of your Facebook posts and couldn't have come across a better one. At that time i needed someone to reread my end-of-course dissertation and tell me how i could improve it. I'm very satisfied, thanks a lot!
Thanks to your editors for the work. There were quick and efficient.
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